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Taking Science to the Sewer

Throughout the years AquaTeq has created a number of new products, some so unique that they have been patented. Over time, those same products have become an obvious choice for everyone who works with sewer cleaning. We are continually creating new products which make life easier for our customers.

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Patent S


Nozzle selection is recognized as the most important decision when assembling a jetting system to avoid wasting time, money, water and fuel. Our new website offers easy search for the best solution to your problem.


Cutters and Augers

We offer some of the most powerful and capable cutters on the market. A complete line of auger products to remove everything from roots to hard deposits. Use our search tool to find the best solution for your problem.

Spol- slam- och kombiaggregat

Jetting, vacuum and combined units

We build customized units according to your specifications and needs. Flexible constructions allows installation in your choice of vehicle (van, trailer etc). High quality and sturdy construction in mostly stainless steel provide you with long service life.


Suction and jetting hoses

Through our experience and know-how, we can offer the most extensive range of hoses on the market for our industry. We are in permanent contact with our customers to define particular needs and working requirements for their hoses.


Couplings and hose clamps

We offer couplings and clamps for different hose systems with simple, safe and ingenious construction. It guarantees total tightness for both pressure and vacuum.



We have a wide range of accessories for the industry including hose savers, lid openers, ejectors, ball valves, swivels and hose length measuring systems. All with one objective, to make work more simple and safe.

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