C-RAY Twin

The C-Ray™ Nozzle series have been developed in co-operation with our customers. The C-Ray™ series are the most effective bottom cleaners on the market by increasing the water speed with “looping” the water around a patented system of individual conduits. The angle of the water stream, the jet and the jet sizes are designed for optimum pull and cleaning power. The water streams are directed towards the bottom of the pipe for optimum debris moving power.

  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • Looping the water around for a powerful water stream.
  • Variable jet sizes accommodate flows from 100 – 1500 l/min (25 – 400 US GPM).
  • The water jets attack debris at its weakest point with superior performance and result.
  • Low gravity puts the C-Ray™ in right working position.
  • C-Ray Twin™ is used with two swivels.
  • C-Ray Twin™ connects to jetter units and gives  double water flow.

Pipe dimension: 375 - 1000 mm (15″-40″)