Goblin Grenade

Goblin® Grenade is our new nozzle series made of quality stainless steel with higher weight than standard nozzles. This can be very advantageous for example when flushing inside housing and where operator wants the nozzle to “fall” into a vertical pipe. Also when cleaning horizontal pipes, the high weight can be advantageous since Goblin® Grenade normally stays more firmly to the bottom of the pipe.

With the improved internal flow design, compared with conventional nozzles, the turbulent flows are reduced and a more efficient cleaning is obtained.

Goblin® Grenade is engineered for optimum maneuverability and to prevent nozzle from getting stuck on off-sets.

All sizes of Goblin® Grenade have replaceable jet orifices for easy adaptation to different pump capacities. All Goblin® Grenades have one replaceable front jet which can be blocked if desired. Supplied with stainless steel or ceramic jets.