Lumberjack (LJ200)

Our Lumberjack® chain cutter is a top seller, and we believe it is the most versatile, reliable, and user-friendly cutting nozzle on the market. Many of our customers tell us they use it daily.

Lumberjack® is a low-torque, high-speed cutter designed for use with the water pressures generated by most sewer jetting or combination trucks. Because it’s high-speed, the Lumberjack® is especially good at cutting roots, but it’s also commonly used to cut concrete, grease, mineral deposits, tuberculation, protruding laterals, and chemical buildups. And because it’s low-torque, this is one sewer nozzle that is unlikely to get stuck, spin off the hose, or cut through host pipes—we also design Lumberjack’s cutting accessories to prevent pipe damage.

The bearings are sealed, grease-lubricated, and water-cooled. That means the Lumberjack® is practically maintenance-free; you don’t have to lubricate it after use, you can just put it away and go home and forget about it. The water-cooled bearings rarely need to be replaced. Average Life spans for Lumberjack® cutters ranges from 7- 15 years dependent upon usage.

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